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RAV DG Services is a fuel industry consulting service providing Project Design, Scope, and Specifications, Project Management and Compliance Auditing for both small and large fuel and lubricant related projects.


We can manage a project from concept to completion or can recommend highly skilled contractors to complete works from basic or detailed plans and specifications.

Some of our specialist skills and experience has been, but in no means limited to:


  • The design, construction and maintenance of bulk fuel and lube facilities, fuel depots and terminals, including tanks, pipes, pumps, fuel management systems, electrics, buildings and roadways

  • Pipeline and bulk fuel-storage terminal monitoring flow meters, loop provers, vapour recovery units, control valves, electronic monitoring systems, their operation, service, calibration and maintenance

  • Service station construction and maintenance including underground tanks and pipe installations, excavation techniques in various types of soil conditions, concrete construction, hazardous area electrics and marketing equipment

  • The design and construction of marine refuelling facilities

  • Off Stream Bulk Fuel Tank inspections

  • Electronics and fuel management systems utilised by the oil industry, including self-serve consoles, unattended fuel dispensing systems, tank gauging equipment and telemetry systems

  • Cost estimating, tendering and project management

  • Petrol bowsers both conventional and electronic including multi-product pumps and dispensers, their service, installation and maintenance

  • Environmental issues, pollution control systems and site remediation

  • Site assessments for compliance with Australian Standards and State Regulations for the Storage and Handling of Dangerous Goods

  • Dangerous Goods Storage and Handling (non-explosives) licensing assessments and applications

Visit the Project Gallery page for more information.

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